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Low Hazard Short Term Special Events

Birthdays, Parties, Picnics and more

Fancy Night Event

It can be exciting to plan a special event but also unpredictable! Be proactive in making your event a success by purchasing event insurance from World Events Insurance Solutions. Save time and money with our easy-to-use online application that makes buying special event insurance simple. Enjoy your event and let us do the worrying.

Event Types We Cover

  • Party & Social Events

  • Convention & Trade Shows

  • Competition or Shows

  • Fundraisers

  • Luncheons & Banquets

  • Miscellaneous Events


What is Special Event Insurance?

Event planners often don’t know if they need event insurance, and if they do, exactly what they need to cover. Whether it’s a wedding or tradeshow, an indoor or outdoor event,  some things are always out of your control. Understanding exactly what event insurance is and how to purchase it can be a challenge. World Events Insurance Solutions & WedCov are here to help. 

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