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Wedding Vendors 

& Exhibitors

Wedding DJ

Do you provide catering, flowers, music, photography and other individual services to a bride and groom-to-be?

No matter how careful you are, things can (and do) go wrong with wedding services. Which leaves you vulnerable to being sued. Now it’s easy to help protect yourself, your business, and your reputation against liability claims that arise from your wedding business; claims which you may otherwise be legally obligated to pay.

​This program is brought to you by World Events Insurance Solutions, the administrator of the WedCov program. World Events Insurance Solutions programs for select wedding vendors provide coverage options designed to protect you against bodily injury and/or property damage claims. Eligible businesses include:

  • Caterers, photographers, videographers (single event coverage only)

  • Decorators

  • Florists

  • DJ’s and KJ’s

  • Musicians, singers, vocalists

  • Bands

  • Photo booth owner/operators

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