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Common wedding insurance claims

A lot can happen after you put down wedding deposits. Vendor issues are the most common type of claims and are among the costliest.

The most common wedding insurance claims that Travelers pays are for:

  • Vendor issues: 30%.

  • Illness or injury: 29%.

  • Weather issues: 16%.


Among the vendor-related claims Travelers pays, nearly two-thirds involve wedding or reception venue problems. Typically, this involves facilities that closed unexpectedly or can no longer accommodate the wedding, causing it to be rescheduled.


Other common claims typically involve vendors that go out of business or just fail to show up on the big day. Examples include:

  • A photographer fails to deliver your photos.

  • A florist goes bankrupt and doesn’t refund the deposit.

  • Your seamstress loses the gown.

  • The limo company you hired goes out of business.

  • A caterer never shows up.

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