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It’s Wedding Season: Nowadays, if someone gets injured at an event, more than likely someone will be

Your wedding is a huge expense. Let WedCov protect this investment so you can have your cake…and peace of mind, too!

  • Wedding Liability Insurance: Most venues require couples to purchase this for protection in the event of injuries, property damage or alcohol-related accidents.

  • Cancellation/Postponement Insurance: In case of unpredictable illness, inclement weather, no-show vendors, damage to gifts or to the bride’s dress, etc.

  • Cover YOU for liquor liability- So you’re telling me (yourself, really;) that you have hired bartenders to provide the alcohol services, and they are insured, and that you don’t need liquor liability insurance. It is true that they have liquor liability insurance, and that THEY are covered. You, however, may be left out to dry. What if a guest brings a flask, or what if the bartenders serve them, and they later get into a fatal car accident? The claimants for the injured party may sue you AND the bartenders for upwards of a million dollars or more. The bartenders can cover their share, but can you cover yours?

Get your free quote today—it’s a piece of cake!

In order to protect themselves more and more facilities are requiring additional insurance and/or proof of insurance from service professionals and their clients.

Event sites and service professionals (such as caterers) are very aware of their potential liability and all have coverage of one kind or another. In addition, many venues will also require you, the renter, to get extra insurance.

What’s funny (or not so funny) is that as more and more event sites require extra liability and/or a certificate of insurance, fewer insurance companies are willing to issue either one—even if you’re covered under a homeowner’s policy. At this point, insurance carriers don’t want to attach extra clauses to your policy to increase coverage for a single event, and most, if not all, companies are unwilling to add the event site’s name to your existing policy as an additional insured.

Don’t worry. Even though it’s hard to obtain, you can get extra insurance for a specified period of time, and it’s relatively cheap.

Obtaining Extra Insurance

· The first and most important thing to do is read your rental contract carefully. Make sure you understand exactly what’s required and when it’s required. Most facilities want $1,000,000–$2,000,000 in extra liability coverage. If you don’t pay attention to the insurance clauses early in the game, you’ll have to play catch-up at the last minute, frantically trying to locate a carrier who will issue you additional insurance. And, if you don’t supply the certificate to the facility on time, you may run the risk of forfeiting your event site altogether.

· The second thing is to find coverage. We suggest you avoid random searches online and call a professional wedding insurance provider:

1. WedCov Wedding Insurance at 888-389-3900. We insure weddings and private events. You can reach us at their toll free number or via their website. We offer coverage for wedding cancellation and/or liability.

Here are some of the items a typical policy might cover:

· Cancellation or postponement due to: weather, damage to the facility, sickness, failure to show of the caterer or officiant, financial reasons—even limited change-of-heart circumstances!

· Photography or videography: failure of the professional to appear, loss of original negatives, etc.

· Lost, stolen or damaged gifts

· Lost, stolen or damaged equipment rentals

· Lost, stolen or damaged bridal gown or other special attire

· Lost, stolen or damaged jewelry

· Personal liability and additional coverage

· Medical payments for injuries incurred during the event

It Can’t Happen To Me

Don’t be lulled into the notion that an event disaster can’t happen to you. It could rain when you least expect it. Or your well-intentioned aunt might melt your wedding dress while ironing out a few wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your dress, wedding photos, equipment rentals and gifts are covered? Naturally, a New Year’s Eve party or a high school prom night is riskier than a wedding, but we could tell you stories of upscale parties where something did happen and a lawsuit resulted. So even if extra insurance is not required, you may still want to consider additional coverage, especially if alcohol is being served. You are the best predictor of your guests’ behavior. If you plan on having a wild, wonderful event, a little additional insurance could be a good thing.

Event polices are very affordable, and options for liability insurance can range up to $5,000,000 in coverage. Let us take some of the stress away from your big day.

Click here to Quote.Pay.Print your policy today.

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