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Should I Show Prices On My Wedding Business Website?

With many couples wanting a wedding planning journey full of excitement, inspiration and passion, the one practicality which has to be addressed is budget. So should you display pricing packages on your wedding venue website or discuss this upon initial contact?

The information you include on your venue website needs to be concise, informative and engage your ideal clients.

What can be seen as a useful resource to one can also be portrayed as a frustrated minefield for others, so we look over both options, displaying or hiding wedding pricing on your website and options that can satisfy your ideal couple.

Wedding Venue Prices

Firstly, we are under no illusion the complexity of wedding prices, every venue is unique as we are well aware. Some venues offer a simple pricing package structure but for others the variable options are endless from number of guests to menu choices, accommodation and exclusivity choices. With this in mind, we look at the main reasons to show venue pricing and why you may choose not to.

Top Reasons to show Prices

  • Couples can easily comprehend if their budget is suitable

  • Transparency for couples

  • Saves you time instead of emailing initial pricing structures you could jump straight to booking a viewing

  • Reduces dead-end enquiries

  • Hiding prices runs the risk of couples thinking you are out of their budget and being too embarrassed to make initial contact with you.

From a business point of view it can save a lot of time, yes your enquiries may drop as couples don’t need to get in touch to ask about pricing, however if they do enquire, then they are more likely to be serious and understand how your costing works within their budget.

Top Reasons not to show Pricing

  • Your prices vary depending on a wide range of factors, overcomplication could discourage couples from contacting you.

  • Your venue only offers bespoke pricing tailored to the couple

  • Allows you to contact every couple who enquires, your brochure or the rapport you initially build can have the couple re-thinking their budget and if budget becomes an issue you may have solutions to offer

Larger venues with multiple ceremony room choices with numerous food and drink packages may find it difficult to offer pricing without it being very complex or confusing. Maybe your ideal couples can range from simple elopements to extravagant 400+ guests weddings, could pricing turn away enquiries?


What couples want more than anything is simple, easy to understand facts. And, understanding if they can afford you as their wedding venue needs to be established.

Trust and transparency during wedding planning is very important and if your pricing structure is simple, displaying packages on your website in a very simplified state is advisable.

Olivia Riddiford from Host Venue Consultancy gives us her opinion on displaying your wedding prices;

“One of the biggest factors when it comes to a couple planning a wedding is budget. It’s one of the key elements that’s seriously discussed at the beginning of the process. From who’s contributing, to how much can they actually afford, it’s a huge financial commitment for one day.

Modern couples require information immediately, so having automatic access to your brochure and pricing is key. Your website, in my opinion, should show a price guide (at least). This is to not waste the engaged couples’ time and your own. If the couple aren’t put off by your ‘from’ or ‘guide’ prices listed, they will continue to enquire. If they feel that your pricing does not fit within their agreed budget, chances are they will look elsewhere. This is a good move as it ensures that anyone contacting you or booking a show round appointment, roughly knows the approximate costings before getting fully invested and falling in love with your property!”

If you believe your pricing structure is far too complex, there’s two options which appeal to couples. Firstly as Olivia state’s disclose your starting price and what that entails or ensure you inform couples on what packages are available. For example; venue hire only available, three-day exclusive use as a minimum, barn & grounds exclusivity with all food and drinks only.


The simplest way is to at least show a starting price, what is the typical starting cost of the average wedding? ‘Our starting price is from $6,000 for 60 guests and XYZ’. This gives a guide to couples, perhaps they had a budget of $4,000 for 80 guests, therefore it may just not be possible, however another couple may have $8,000 for 80 guests and will then ask for a more detailed quote.

If you are a wedding barn or a dry hire venue perhaps, and it is a simple one package for all then showing your package price is simple.

Lead generation

Whether you disclose pricing or not, once an enquiry is made it allows you to do multiple things.

  • Send them a brochure

  • Send them a bespoke quote

  • Discuss wedding date availability

  • Invite for a personal viewing and show round

Be ready, have quick and easy pricing structures on hand for you to create bespoke tailored figures if needed on initial contact, remember couples want simple, easy facts, try not to over complicate pricing at the beginning and certainly don’t mislead by leaving out vital costings.


Whether your wedding venue is an independent farmhouse, a modern barn part of a large collection or an outdoor retreat, reviewing your choice on displaying or hiding pricing and how you show them is vital.

Couples want all the information they need instantly, they want to know things now, so showing your pricing or at least a starting price and package with what is included gives couples the details they need to make a decision going forward.


As always, don’t forget the insurance. We don’t want your client’s event to be memorable for all the wrong reasons. To simplify the process, we encourage you to become a venue partner. That way your client’s certificates of insurance are always exactly as you require.

However you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call at 888-389-3900 or email us at

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